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Carolina Villén

Phone 928706117
Mobile Number 686757111

Miss Carolina Villén
Digital Art & Designers
Calle El Junco, 6
35212 Telde
Las Palmas

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Carolina Villén

Digital Art & Designers

Director Consultant

My BusinessDIGITAL ART & DESIGNERS is a Spanish company with a consolidated strategy in innovation, and catalogued as I+E (Innovation + Employment) and certificated as Innovative SME, with a widely experience developing all types of customized web applications, mobile applications, modern API integration and front-end development, as well as graphic design, audiovisual and 3D projects. Our professional team works with the latest technologies to meet your needs in any of your software projects. Through our tailored outsourcing services we can help you in your business growth. Our services are agile and can be changed to suit your needs. Our headquarters are located in Gran Canaria and is tax resident of The Canary Islands. These ones are not part of Community territory for the purposes of VAT (Article 6 of Directive 2006/112/EC). Therefore, our company is exempt to impose taxes to your organization.

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